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Professional Counseling at Healing House, Scottsdale

True healing goes so much deeper than the physical.


Your mind at rest

At Healing House, we recognize that your healing journey will not be complete until you are at peace.

Our professional counselors can help you to overcome trauma, improve personal relationships, experience a deeper sense of self-love, and so much more.

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To make your healing journey as effective and convenient as possible, we offer a free consultation to all first-time clients. Simply click the button below and choose an available time slot that suits you.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"I found that Healing House was more helpful than any doctor visit. I finally felt like somebody had a real interest in helping me with my health.

Amazing! Thank you very much!"

Jana M.

Scottsdale, AZ


Types of Counseling

The following types of counseling services are available at our Scottsdale clinic.


You do not need to choose one specific type in order to book your free consultation. Our counselors will advise you on the most suitable technique for your needs.




Healing the mind, body and spirit in a cohesive way are the hallmarks of the care that all clients receive at Healing House. We take the same integrative approach to professional counseling, too.




Our team of therapists are here to guide you through the process of unraveling any pain being carried, clearing the heart and body memories whose usefulness have long since passed.


Children & Youth


Our therapists work with young minds in harmony with their individual and age-related needs, helping to guide them through the difficulties that may arise in these life stages. 




Facilitation of communication is central to the mission of relationship counseling. By focusing on the guiding principles necessary for finding happiness within each of us, we can learn how to become happy together.




EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) helps people heal from distressing life experiences. This methodology is highly effective for helping to recover from trauma.



HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing, allowing clients to learn how to change their own heart rhythm patterns to create physiological “coherence.”


Meet your professional counselors

Dr. Ina Hilgers, PsyD, LPC, Ncc

Professional Counselor

As a professional counselor, Dr. Ina Hilgers' emphasis is on the mind and body connection. Dr. Ina actively engages in methods of treatment that compliment evidence-based practice for healing.

Rebecca Tatum, LAC, MS

Professional Counselor

Rebecca Tatum specializes in trauma and human development. As your therapist, Rebecca’s role is to assist you in finding your solution through evidence-based models of treatment and client-centered care.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Highly recommend! Muki made me feel very comfortable even though it was my first time getting acupuncture. He made time to talk through all of my health concerns, and what I wanted to improve with acupuncture. I left feeling great and armed with a ton of knowledge! I can’t wait to go back!"

Randi T.

Tempe, AZ

More Than Just
Professional Counseling

As well as our world class counselors, Healing House offers you ​a complete suite of holistic healthcare practitioners, including:

  • Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

  • Chiropractor

  • Massage Therapists

  • Meditation Coach

  • Registered Dietician